About us

Café KATTO (Finnish for Roof) was built in the old penthouse sauna rooms of the Finlayson factory area. From our terrace you can admire Tampere from bird’s eye view as the Tammerkoski rapid flows fiercely underneath. We have created an open and atmospheric place for people in the area where the city of Tampere started to evolve 200 years ago.

We are young entrepreneurs from Proakatemia, the entrepreneurship and team leadership unit of Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and it’s where we found each other. We have a shared vision of a café that gives a unique experience, be it coffee on the roof, or delightful tastes. We work with different companies so that we can combine the best of all worlds to create an amazing atmosphere with the highest quality service.

At the heart of all of this are the experiences we provide and our excellent customer service, not to forget our selection of food, treats and beverages. We aim to provide the most interesting and highest quality products that lift our customers’ spirits through the roof! We are constantly evolving based on our customer experience and feedback to provide the best atmosphere and experience at our café.

We exist to provide all of this and more to all of our customers who want a little more luxury from a coffee moment.
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